Little Red Chair is a song that came to me in a most beautiful way. The melody and lyric sung right out of me while I worked at the kitchen sink which overlooked an area where our three year old colored daily. I so enjoyed “working” up this song and don’t recall fretting over it as is my tendency…Little Red Chair seemed to write itself.  We are lucky to have an economic situation (mom working her tail off)  that enables me to be at home with the kids;  I personally am  beyond blessed to live moments like these!

About Illustrator
Finding and working with an illustrator was as joyful an experience as I would have never imagined. All having to do with the artist I was so fortunate to have found! Enter Jeff Lee Johnson

Jeff Lee Johnson grew up in rural Minnesota far enough from town and friends to have a lot of time on his hands. Luckily for him, his mother could draw and paint, and provided him with an endless supply of materials, tools and patient instruction.

He studied fine art at Moorhead State College and The University of Minnesota but for one reason or another making a living as an artist never entered his mind, and he settled into a career building houses.

When his body politely suggested it may be time to move on he decided to pick up the paintbrushes again, this time as a fantasy and children’s illustrator, and has been happily banging his head against the art wall ever since. His work has appeared in books, magazines, games, online, in educational media, and even on television.

Website: Jeff Lee Johnson
Email thejeff@centurylink.net