About Us

Encouraging Souls Records & Publishing’s aim is to share the excellent works of at home parents/creatives and shine a light on the incredible talents of these caring artists. We need only a small degree of success in this initial “proof of concept” stage to begin seeking out communities and individuals for work that fits this model. We fully expect to begin publishing the work of like minded parent/creatives soon!

Proof of Concept……When I first conceived of ESR&P, around the time we discovered we were going to be parents for the first time, the idea to develop this project seemed simple. My taking on the role of “at home parent” was an easy decision for our little family, given our respective career paths and our interest in eating several meals each day, living with indoor plumbing etc., I was clearly the best candidate to be in the role.  In my mind this setup fit perfectly into the concept of ESR&P  and I wrote extensively about it in a document called “The Plan.” I know this because I recently found it during a search of a backup drive.  I wrote all about how very cool it will be to work in my free time, ya know during naps and such, to meet and partner with artists here and there, and assist them in producing their songs and helping them discover that they indeed have something worth saying, singing and hearing!  Ha!

If you’re a parent or any sort of care-giver, take a moment to laugh yourself out of breath about the free time thing.  There’s no “free time.”  This is especially true if you spent decades caring for only yourself & an occasional girlfriend now & again. Now, time is precious & short…no matter what you’re doing, something else is not getting done, pure and simple.  And there’s much to do right – it’s endless! The things that aren’t done go on a list that ends up on the floor because there’s no room on the table or counters because of the fun project your going to finish after lunch and nap and while you prep for dinner…right.  Use left out breakfast stuff in you cute little craft project cause that will help with over all clean up. Suffice to say it’s on! The day is not yours. And guess what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day?,… very little, and yet everything you possibly could have and more….and yet, in that moment, as you plop down on the couch for the first time since waking, you realize that everybody’s hungry, due for a industrial wipe down (or bath if you can muster the effort), and for no real reason every thing with a voice is in immediate need of your undivided assistance.   This goes on and on for decades – I may be exaggerating but I’m 11.5 years into it and just catching my breath with the youngest in kindergarten and a ways to go!  This is all fodder for great songs and films and books and blogs and yet….when it’s your life, it just doesn’t seem funny or fodder….it feels wrong.  Friends have cautioned me about posting this for fear of coming off as less than positive or down right negative on at home parenting.  Ha!  This is the essential stuff that is the back drop in many of our creative lives and deserves it’s place.

Lastly, for the first time, I am working to monetize my work as an artist.  I have forever written and sang what’s come to me and never considered “the market” or what’s current on radio etc…  In the past couple of years I’ve enjoyed attending the Jason Blume hosted BMI song writer’s workshop in Nashville where every other month you can sign up and be one of 50 writers to get your song in front of a legitimate  publisher.  I should mention I’m pitching as a writer not an artist.  None the less, its a stone cold pitch with the vast majority ending after a verse and chorus if it’s working with a “pass” meaning …fill in the blank, it’s not “great”, “special”, “current sounding” etc..  It is fun if you’ve got the stomach for it to sort see how you rank with other writers in your peer group.  Also very cool when a dude such as publishing giant Woody Bomar says “yea I like it” and takes your lyric sheet to follow up with you!  This happened to me in July.  The song was Drive It Like You Stole It; I thought I was gonna come out my pants – I welled up every 10 minutes or so for the next hour and a half listening to the rest of pitches that day!  The song has not been cut by anyone and it’s an incredible long shot it ever will.  But I’ll keep pitching it and other tunes as I continue to learn, even at this relatively late stage to present my work.

Given all the free time I now enjoy…that’s funny…It is my hope that I can produce more and more of my own work as well as begin to publish other like minded artists here.   I hope you enjoy this site, the work presented here, and the encouraging souls who make it possible.  You are encouraging souls!