I am the at-home parent/creative in our family and blessed to be in this role. This site aims to recognize and share the excellent work of the multi-talented, inspiring community we parent/artists are! Tells us about an encouraging soul in your life and send us their work, song or story to post here or on our Artists With Kids Facebook page. To all the encouraging souls who put so much loving care into all you do, may you find something good here and take it with you.

As an at-home parent/creative myself in the role for the past 12 years now, I am grateful to have this platform to share my passion for music & songwriting, while hosting several blogs on our journal page on topics such as Songwriting, At Home Parents & Creatives, Music, Little Red Chair, and more. Most importantly and admittedly selfishly, I am blessed to have this space to share heartfelt thoughts, ESR&P’s latest music projects, all the while creating a record for my children. Since my dad’s passing three years ago now, I have been wrestling with the thought that if something happened to me, my children may never know what might be the most interesting, and in some sense the most important things about their father.